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Where is the CARWH blog?

Take a look at the CARWH home page. See the News & Announcements section? That is the CARWH blog!
These updates are being entered into a blog and pulled onto the CARWH home page. You can also visit the CARWH blog here

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How can I comment on a CARWH blog post?

One of the great things about having the CARWH News & Announcements in a blog is that means that you can comment on entries and we can start a discussion within the CARWH community.

  • To add a comment, click on the Comments area Comments image
  • Then enter your comments in the reply area of the blog that will look something like this:
    Blog reply image

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Subscribe to CARWH News & Announcements via RSS view pdf

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. In a nutshell, it is a way to subscribe to get updates from a site delivered to a reader. This Common Craft video explains the basics:

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How do I subscribe?

Subscribing to RSS feeds is easy! Like the above video describes, you just need to do two things: sign up for a reader and sign up for the CARWH feed.

Signing up for a RSS reader

  • If you already have a gmail account, logical choices would be Google Reader or iGoogle
  • If you already have a yahoo account, a logical choice would be My Yahoo
  • If you'd rather have an RSS reader that isn't tied to one of these account, another popular one you could try is Bloglines

Signing up for the CARWH feed

Now that you are signed up for a RSS reader, this is the easy part.
Just click on the RSS icon for the desired feed and choose your reader.

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Search sites recommended by CARWH users (through delicious) view pdf

Where are the searches?

Searches have been created to look for information in different types of sites. Each search can be found in the corresponding area of the CARWH website or you can find them all on the Search page.

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What is delicious?

Delicious is a social bookmarking site where you can store your bookmarks up on the web and share them with other users. This Common Craft video explains the basics:

How can I use delicious?

Like the above video describes, you just need to do three things: sign up for delicious, add buttons to your browser, and be social (add CARWH to your network).

Signing up for delicious

  • Delicious has step by step instructions to sign up for an account on the secure registration page

Add quick-bookmark options to your browser

Be social (add CARWH to your network)

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Can I browse the list of sites recommended for the search?

Because the sites being searched are those that have been saved to the CARWH delicious account, there are a few ways we can view the list of pages.

  • The full list of sites can be found on CARWH's delicious page
  • You can view the latest tagged sites on the sidebar of many of the CARWH website pages (underneath the search box)
  • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of the latest tagged sites by clicking on the RSS icon here or next to the list of latest sites.

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How can I recommend a site to add to the search?

Now comes the social part of delicious... when you've found a site that you think is applicable to send to CARWH:

  • Click the Tag icon on your delicious toolbar
  • Type CARWH in the "send" field OR Click on the CARWH link in the Delicious area under the Send tab:
    Send recommendation to CARWH
  • Complete the rest of the information as desired for your own delicious list and click Save. NOTE: Whatever you use for tags are just for your own account. CARWH just receives the link recommendations, not the tags.
  • This sends the recommendation to the CARWH delicious account. The CARWH communications director will then approve it for the applicable searches (so there will be a slight delay between when you recommend the site and when it starts to show up in the CARWH searches).

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